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Israeli authorities won't bring bribery charges against the interior minister. (JP)

Spain's top court found signs of bribery for an academic degree received by the opposition party's new leader. He denied wrongdoing. (Reuters)

At least one of the businessmen accused in a corruption investigation in Argentina admitted he made illicit payments. Prosecutors questioned a cousin of the president. (AP, Reuters)

Slovenian prosecutors charged 15 people in a hospitals corruption probe. (Reuters)


A cyberattack in Singapore may have been state-backed. (Bloomberg)

Georgia state election officials knew before the 2016 election their systems were vulnerable. (McClatchy)

An internal watchdog's probe revealed the FCC made up a cyberattack. (Hill, Gizmodo)

Crypto's biggest spenders no longer are drug dealers, they're speculators. (Bloomberg)

A chipmaker for iPhones blamed a variant of the WannaCry attack for a plant closure. (Bloomberg)


A Japanese gaming mogul was arrested by Hong Kong antigraft officials. (Inquirer)

India requested the extradition of a jewelry tycoon accused of bank fraud. (Reuters)

Money Laundering:

Former Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak pleaded not guilty to three counts of money laundering linked to a corruption scandal at the state fund 1MDB. The scandal involves probes in six countries and is stretching to banks that handled IMDB funds. (Reuters, NYT, SCMP, Star, AP, Xinhua, NYT)

Former El Salvador President Antonio Saca pleaded guilty to embezzlement and money laundering involving more than $300 million during his government. (Reuters)

Danske Bank says it will comply with a Danish money-laundering probe concerning its Estonian branch. (AFP, Bloomberg, Local)

Prosecutors are looking to seize a condo unit they say is linked to a billion-dollar money-laundering case involving Venezuela's state oil company. (RD, DW)

The trial of Paul Manafort continues with more testimony from Rick Gates, the government's star witness and an aide to Mr. Manafort. Lawyers for Mr. Manafort blame Mr. Gates for any wrongdoing; they attacked his credibility during cross-examination. The accountant who testified at the trial was fired from her firm. The judge made a prosecutor cry. (NPR, AP, Reuters, TPM, NYT, Politico, CNN, DB, Guardian, WP, WP, NY, AP, Reuters, TPM, NPR, NYT, Politico, Bloomberg)

U.S. authorities identified four Russians detained on money-laundering charges. (Menafn, ECNS, RFE/RL)


China will ignore U.S. sanctions on Iran, and Germany defended its business ties with Tehran. Nestle sees no changes to its Iran business as a result of the sanctions. Iranians despair as the sanctions will hurt the poorest and dent the economy. Oil rose on the sanctions. (CNBC, Hill, AJE, Reuters, Reuters, Reuters, AP, Guardian, Axios, Reuters)

A man on the U.S. Treasury's list of Russian oligarchs argues he doesn't belong there. How do we know the sanctions on Russia are working? (WP, WP)

Escalating sanctions could cripple Turkey's economy. (FT)

An HSBC customer apparently was a weapons trafficker, the bank said. (AB)

Terrorism Finance:

A U.S.-backed coalition in Yemen is paying al Qaeda fighters to leave cities and allowing them to retreat with weapons and cash. (AP)


A federal judge invalidated a rule allowing "dark money" groups to hide their donors. (Politico)


Is the proposed sentence on NSA whistleblower Reality Winner too harsh? (WB)

General Anticorruption:

Amado Boudou, the economy minister and vice president during former Argentine President Cristina Fernandez’s administration, was convicted and sentenced to nearly six years in prison for corruption. (Reuters, BBC, AP)

The U.S. special counsel received permission from a federal judge to appoint an independent lawyer to review evidence in one of the cases. The probe continues. (Bloomberg, ABC, ABC)

A suspected Russian spy's journey of influence began in South Dakota. She pleaded not guilty. (BuzzFeed)

Corporate scandals are weighing on trust in Switzerland. (SI)

Iranian state media reported a central bank deputy was arrested for alleged corruption. (Bloomberg)

The head of the Shanghai Airport Authority is under investigation. (SCMP)

Romania can clean its human rights record with its anticorruption shakeup. (NE)

Women must lead Iraq's anticorruption fight, Baghdad's mayor says. (National)