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  • New Equifax CISO Tightens Structure Post-Breach

    Equifax Inc.’s new chief information security officer is adopting organizational changes meant in part to help correct some of the circumstances that led to the customer data breach reported by the company in September 2017.

  • Companies Grapple With Shifting International Data Rules

    Companies that move data from the Europe Union to the U.S. are contending with growing legal uncertainty as they await decisions from Irish and EU courts that will determine how they transfer business information across the Atlantic.

     Pro Cybersecurity News News
  •  Pro Cybersecurity News News
  • How Hackers Use Hidden Tunnels to Steal Data and Avoid Detection

    Cybercriminals and state-sponsored hackers, looking for alternatives to conventional forms of attack such malware, have learned to piggyback on a company’s commonly allowed applications and protocols to sneak data out of companies, according to a report published Wednesday.

  • Cyber Matters: Tech Skills a Strategic Advantage for CEOs

    CEOs seeking to lead their business to commercial success must view technology and cybersecurity issues as business risks and business opportunities. This means they cannot afford to leave technical detail to other executives.

  • What Companies Should Know About VPNFilter

    The revelation on Wednesday of a network of hacked routers and storage devices that could be used to launch a massive cyberattack shows how connected devices with weak security safeguards are making companies vulnerable to powerful cyberattacks, experts say.

  • Editor’s Notebook: Voices from the WSJ Pro Cybersecurity Executive Forum

    The morning after the FBI seized control of a network of more than 500,000 hacked computers that could be used as a platform to launch a wide array of attacks, business leaders gathered Thursday in London to better understand cybersecurity threats that continue to morph and become more sophisticated.

  • Cyber Matters: Heed the Window of Opportunity

    Companies regularly fail to patch vulnerabilities that could lead to devastating compromises, despite it being a key part of effective cyber hygiene. A single unpatched vulnerability can put the security of an entire network at risk and is the root cause of the majority of cybersecurity incidents.

  • How Companies Can Integrate Startups into Established Cyber Defenses

    While security startups often claim to have the newest technologies that promise greater visibility into corporate systems, they are less clear on how their product connects to the fabric of security systems already in use, says Myrna Soto, the former chief information security officer at Comcast Corp. and newly named partner at ForgePoint Capital.